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October - March
Monday - Friday

April - September
Monday - Sunday
9:00 -17:00


Vídeňská 66
Entrance from the square
339 01 Klatovy

+420 376 347 240
+420 376 347 250


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Plzeňský kraj - turistů ráj
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Sdružení historických sídel Čech, Moravy a Slezska
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Culture and Sport Events

The town of Klatovy
is an interesting venue for visitors not only thanks to its historic monuments but also to a whole range ofimportant culture and sports events taking place in it. Visitors lovingclassical music will be surely pleased with a lot of concerts that areheld in churches, the town-hall representative room or directly on thetown main square.

Traditionally, fans of folklore visit Klatovy during thesecond weekend in July in order to attend performances presented byensembles from many countries of the world, taking part in theinternational folklore festival. It is held at the same time when famousKlatovy carnations, exhibited in a garden opposite the Museum, are inflowers.

Annually, motor sports fans gather on the Klatovy mainsquare to view cars taking part in the contests Rally Šumava andHistoric Vltava Rally. Once in two-year time in September peopleloving horses meet in Klatovy on the occasion of St. WenceslasEquitation Parade. And if you prefer active sporting you can come andpit your strength against other contestants during the cyclingmarathon Král Šumavy which is a contest of road and mountain bikers.