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April - September
Monday - Sunday
9:00 -17:00


Vídeňská 66
Entrance from the square
339 01 Klatovy

+420 376 347 240
+420 376 347 250


We offer

Information centre in Klatovy provides information about:

  • the town of Klatovy and the Sumava region
  • sights in Klatovy and its surroundings
  • cultural and sport events in Klatovy and the region
  • accomodation and eating out in Klatovy
  • city transport in the town, train and bus connection
  • companies and organizations in Klatovy

Information centre in Klatovy offers free printed materials:

  • about the sights of Klatovy (in Czech, German and English, French, Dutch)
  • Cultural and sport events in Klatovy (in Czech)
  • Accomodation in and around Klatovy (in Czech, German, English)
  • Travelling tips – Days out round Klatovy (in Czech, German, English)
  • Cycling tracks (Klatovy region, Klatovy – Cham, Sumava mountains)

You can download these materials on this website in the "Leaflets" section.

In the Information Centre the following promotion materials are available:

  • Klatovy: entertainment – relaxation – sport (in Czech, German, English)
  • Cross-country skiing tracks in the Sumava mountains
  • Promotion materials of the surrounding towns and villages
  • Promotion materials of the partner town Cham.
  • Promotion materials of other subjects working in tourism

Information centre in Klatovy offers free magazines and prints:

  • Culture programmes and social events in Klatovy (czech)
  • Klatovsky zpravodaj, Plzensky kraj (czech)
  • Tourist magazines – Tim, Kam po Cesku, Posumavi (czech)
  • Magazine of the zoo in Pilsen Iris (czech)

Information centre in Klatovy

  • sells tourist and cycling maps and guides
  • sells postcards and postage stamps
  • sells tourist stamps No. 404 (Klatovy) and No. 1277 (Catacombs)
  • sells many town souvenirs including children’s souvenirs
  • copies documents in A3, A4 formats

Various stamps for tourist notepads can be bought.

Information centre in Klatovy sells tickets

  • for the Sumava cinema (septembre – may)
  • for the Town Culture Centre (culture house Druzba)
  • for concerts organized by the town

Language equipment:

  • German
  • English
Information Centre Klatovy is a certified information centre according to the CzechTourism standard.

Information centre is right on the square, next to the Town Hall: